The Family Law and Matrimonial Valuation Specialists

We understand that when a couple is in the process of going through a divorce, this can be an extremely stressful time for them. Having the additional financial burden of deciding what to do with your property can often make such an experience all the more difficult. Choosing an accredited and independent property valuation service means that you can divide any property assets fairly with minimal conflict. With many years’ experience in Perth dealing with such sensitive cases, Grundmann & Associates is equipped with the necessary qualifications and industry informed knowledge to provide you with an accurate assessment of your property. This will ultimately allow the process to move along and begin negotiations for an equitably buyout or settlement.

Certified Valuations for the Family Court

Should things regrettably progress to court, our valuation services can be included as evidence within either the Family Court, or any other jurisdiction. For this reason it is imperative to only utilise a highly specialised service who has had extensive experience in handling such matters. Our team is equipped with the required market understanding to offer a thorough and comprehensive report for a timely resolution.

Divorce and relationship breakups can often lead to emotionally tense disagreements. This is why having an unbiased property valuer serves everybody’s best interests. If needed, our valuers can serve as an expert witness to offer their completely objective and professional report, ensuring that a fair outcome is reached.

Take the stress out of matrimonial valuation

We often see individuals arguing needlessly over property value, drawing out the legal process and wasting money avoidable expenses. In such situations, hiring a mutually agreed upon service can make the situation black and white for all to see and forgo expensive and tedious negotiations. We are a highly dedicated service who aims to acquire all of the facts and complete our extensive research to ensure you are best informed to make a decision.

It is our desire to help individuals move on with their lives and begin the next chapter with their financial security firmly in place. Call us today on 08 9321 4444 for any queries!